Environmental Policy

Recycling and conserving energy (water/electricity and packaging) was very important to us when we started our bed and breakfast business.  Buying local has kept down the packaging, while supporting small local businesses.  The food is fresher, travelled less miles and tastes better.  95% of our food has travelled less than 5 miles before it gets to your plate.  I know you will taste the difference!

Local Produce

  • 95% of our food comes from local suppliers and as much regional and British seasonal food as possible.
  • All our cooked breakfast ingredients come from less than 5 miles away, which supports our local community
  • We use organic produce when available
  • We grow as much as our own fruit and vegetables organically for our business as possible.
  • We make our own jams, marmalades, chutneys and pickles for our business which is either home grown or we go to Siston Court Nurseries or St Aldams Fruit Farm/Frome Valley Fruit Farm and pick it (all local to us).


  • "Green Joanna" food waste composter
  • We re-cycle the newspapers
  • All our waste is sorted into paper, cardboard, glass bottles and cans
  • We use recycled printing paper in our office.
  • We compost all fruit and vegetable peelings and make our own compost.
  • We compost the waste from the chicken houses
  • All guest rooms have recycling bins to separate tins, cardboard and plastic


  • Electricity from renewable sources
  • Monitor our electricity and water bills
  • All electrical appliances are "AAA" rated to be most energy efficient in terms of water and electricity use and used on economy mode where possible.
  • Double glazed windows
  • Small capacity kettles
  • Panel heating in the rooms which are thermostatically controlled- when rooms empty they are turned off.
  • All rooms are supplied with thermometers
  • We recycle old timbers and prunings on our woodburners.
  • We use energy saving light bulbs everywhere (excluding the security lights)
  • We have instant electric hand washing units.
  • Washing is line dried when weather permits
  • We save electricity by using a solar panel that recharges the electric chicken fencing battery 
  • 2 day towel change policy or longer if guests' wish to keep their towels

Water Usage Reduction

  • We have decided that we can no longer supply bottled water in the rooms due to the impact of plastic bottles on the environment (which we have recycled until now).  Instead we supply each room with a stainless steel jug of filtered water which we are happy to replenish when required. 
  • All toilet cisterns are fitted with water hippos to reduce the amount of water flushed into the biodigester
  • We have fitted showers instead of baths
  • We top up the level of the wildlife pond by from water butts
  • We use the water collected in the water butts to water the greenhouses and vegetable plot

Reduced Packaging

  • We only use ECOVER biodegradable chlorine free cleaning products, as well as Ecover washing products/shampoo and shower gels and top up from 5 litre containers.
  • We only use re-cycled paper toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and waste bin bags hat have packaging which is biodegradable.
  • Where possible using plastic containers to store food in, reducing cling film.

Local Community/Economy

  • Being involved in the Pucklechurch Environmental and Sustainability Group
  • We support small local businesses by purchasing our food locally for the B & B
  • Members of the Pucklechurch Speedwatch Group
  • Members of the Hawk & Owl Trust
  • Members of Avon Wildlife Trust
  • Support the Forest of Avon Donate a Tree Scheme
  • Members of South Gloucestershire Sustainability Forum
  • Support with donation to Siston Church Parish Magazine
  • Promote local pubs/attractions/walks
  • Employ local cleaners
  • Support Siston Church Parish Magazine.
  • Support with donation to Pucklechurch Revel

Nature & Local Environment

  • We actively encourage wildlife in the field, garden and also provide a natural habitat in the wildlife field, pond, field margins and special areas, nesting boxes and insect boxes.
  • We encourage guests to visit local attractions
  • We encourage guests to bring bicycles to enjoy the local cyclepaths
  • We encourage kestrels to breed in our wildlife field every year.
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